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How to keep your flowers fresh and make them live longer 23 Feb 2015


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Freesia’s, Roses, Jasmine and Gardenias have exquisite smells whilst Hydrangeas and Gerberas are cheerful and happy and remind me of summer.

Regardless of whether it’s a dozen stunning long stemmed red roses, a bouquet of birthday gerberas or that impulsive bunch of tulips you grabbed at the supermarket just to brighten up your home, there are things you can do that will help to keep them fresh, last longer and look their best.

Majority of the time you will find that flowers are held together with a rubber band or twine and wrapped in either cellophane or paper. When you pick a florist to buy from try to find one who has a high turnover so that you can be sure you are getting the freshest flowers.

If you have a long way to travel after purchasing your flowers be sure they are either packaged with individual water containers, or that you have a bucket of water with you, or at the very least are able to wrap the stem bottoms in damp paper towels.

Before placing in your vase make sure you remove any leaves from the bottom of the stems that will be submerged. You will be surprised at how much clearer and cleaner you water will stay.

Trim about 1-2 inches from the stems each day or every second day to help the flowers receive a steady flow of nutrients and water.

I use a very sharp knife to get a clean cut and for the woodier, thicker stems, you can also use sharp garden shears.

If you don’t cut the flowers underwater, be sure to get them in water as soon as possible after cutting.

Lastly, you must always keep your vase clean. You can do this by washing in hot, soapy water and rinse well. This will help remove any microorganisms that cause slimy water and flowers to die.