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Freshest Tulips on the Gold Coast 16 Feb 2015


Tulips originated in Iran and Turkey, tulips were first brought to Europe in the 16th century where they got their commonly known name from the Turkish word for 'gauze' because this was the material with which Turbans were wrapped. It was believed that the Tulip resembled a Turban.  Particulary in The Netherlands, the popularity of tulips grew so great the price of a single bulb sky rocketed causing markets to crash and putting into motion "tulip mania."

Tulip colors carry distinct meanings:


* Yellow tulips whilst once conveying the feelings of hopeless love, now symbolise happy, cheerful thoughts.



* Pink Tulips specifically stands for feelings of caring and well wishes.



* Orange Tulips represent energy, enthusiasm, desire, and passion.


* White stands for forgiveness and hope.



* Purple Tulips are said to represent royalty.



* Red Tulips represent true love. The story goes that a prince named Farhad who was love struck by a maiden named Shirin, learned that his love had died. It was said he was so overcome with grief that he then proceeded to kill himself by riding his horse over the edge of a cliff.  Supposedly a red tulip sprang up from each droplet of his blood thus giving the red tulip the meaning of "perfect love."

The ability to express simple happiness in yellow and also rivaling roses in their varieties of red it's no wonder that in addition to all its other symbolisms, a tulip bouquet is one of the classiest choices of flower.